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Ana MarmoAna Marmo
21:32 27 Jun 22
Dr. Marcus is a real doctor, listens to you, observes you and investigates you. I've been following up with him for a few months now and I feel I'm in good hands. It was the first step I took when my crises started. In an attempt to close my diagnosis, I consulted a team of multidisciplinary doctors, with a Neurologist, Cardiologist and Orthopedist, all these specialists praised "my" rheumatologist who had ordered all the necessary tests (and a little more). Everyone praised the way Dr. Marcus was "dissecting" me for the correct diagnosis. He's a detective, like Dr. Casa, Lar. Finally, Dr. Marcus with a lot of knowledge and experience got my diagnosis right and has been following my treatment. Thank you so much for everything Dr. Marcus. No words to show my gratitude.
Ana MaiaAna Maia
22:19 23 Jun 22
Dr Marcus, an excellent professional, assisted me and took care of me in a critical moment of my health condition, making therapeutic decisions and protocols that recovered my health and quality of life. He attends in a humanized way with sensitivity and listening.
What to say about this dear?? Everything I say here is little. I discovered by the mercy of God, with him I reestablished my quality of life, I know that we still have a long way to go. He is an exceptional human being, listens and sees the patient as a human being and together they draw out the best. I just thank you for everything you do for me. You know that angel that appears in people's lives? It's him. Big hug dear.God protect you may you continue with this soulGood..... Mary
Rutelli SantosRutelli Santos
22:55 14 Feb 19
Rutelli SantosRutelli Santos
22:55 14 Feb 19


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